Fight breaks out on Southwest flight out of Dallas

A fight broke out as passengers tried to get off a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Burbank, Calif.

Video of the fight was captured by other passengers. It shows two men wrestling and then ultimately punching each other.

The men rolled over and fell on a flight attendant who was trying to stop them.

“Security! Security! There’s a fight back here," a flight attendant yells.

"Get off him. What’s wrong with you? Get off!” someone else can be heard saying.

It’s not clear why the fight started or if the two men knew each other.

“I tell the stewardess, ‘Hey call the captain. There’s a fight up front.’ And there’s a pile of people with cell phone cameras in the way. I said, ‘Shut off your camera. Get out of the way and go help.’ And I go forward. When I finally reached them I separated the two men,” said Dan Green, a passenger on the flight.

Burbank police said the man that started throwing the punches was arrested for assault and battery.

The other man suffered a bruise on his face, a cut to his nose and a chipped tooth.