Father's Day storms cause damage, power outages across North Texas

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The National Weather Service will be surveying damage from Sunday’s storms.

In the Fort Worth suburb of white settlement, the powerful wind knocked down a street sign and a fence. It caused Elizabeth Hampton’s chimney to come crashing down.

Hampton’s family took cover in the bathroom as the storm moved in.

“She said, ‘Mom, you should see this.’ I look toward the patio and we had this tall box on the patio and it started shaking like crazy,” she said. “I said, ‘Come on.  I think it might be a tornado.’ And about that time I saw a big object fall. Come to find out, it was our chimney.”

In North Fort Worth, several homes sustained major damage to their roofs and garages. The wind snapped large branches and left behind piles of debris.

In Irving, the wind took down power lines and trees. Part of a wall collapsed at a medical supply business but no one was hurt.

At one apartment complex, the wind tore a carport apart and flipped it onto parked cars and trucks.

“To my left out of the corner of my eye, I can see this carport in the air. It flipped once and hit the ground. Then it flipped up again and landed right on top of the cars and at that point, I just got away from the window and I really honestly thought we were in the eye of the storm at that point seeing how much damage was going on,” said Daryl Thompson, an Irving resident.

Also, a crane nearly fell onto a house in the Hackberry Creek neighborhood of Irving.

Workers were going to remove transformers from power lines behind the home when one of the stabilizing legs of the crane sank into the wet ground.

The workers were able to alert the family. A woman, her teenage son and her mother all got out safely. The crane was then stabilized.

The high winds knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers in North Texas. At the height of the storm, about 100,000 customers across Dallas-Fort Worth lost power. Most were in Tarrant County.

As of 6 a.m. Monday, nearly 20,000 customers are still in the dark