Family wants answers after teen killed in road rage shooting

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Arlington police continue to search for the driver who killed a 19-year-old man from Grand Prairie in a fit of rage over the weekend.

Police say Dylan Spaid was driving with his girlfriend on I-20 around 6 p.m. Sunday. Investigators think something that happened on the interstate led to a road rage murder.

At least one gunshot was fired at Dylan. The girlfriend tried to take control of the pickup but ended up crashing into a sign near Matlock Road in South Arlington.

"The only thing I've heard is they were coming off of Cooper and I guess him and that other car got into an argument, shot him and my son died,” said Shawn Spaid, Dylan’s father.

"She was very traumatized. She didn't know what had occurred,” said Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook. “She knew there was a road rage incident, but she didn't know what happened at that point."

Police say the shooter kept driving. The person's vehicle is described as a dark-colored four-door sedan, perhaps a BMW or Mercedes, with tinted windows, silver rims and aftermarket tires.

"They've taken a family member. Of all people, it just had to be him,” said Ryan Mentel, Dylan’s brother. “He was just getting his life started. He had so much going for him."

His family says Dylan had just finished a work shift providing roadside assistance to motorists. He had dinner with his girlfriend and was heading to his parents' home.

Dylan was the third oldest of four boys. The family was planning a big trip to Hawaii in December. Those plans are now marred because of road rage.

"I really hope they catch who did it,” Ryan said.

Loved ones and friends gathered at the scene of a deadly road rage shooting Monday night to mourn the 19-year-old’s death. His girlfriend was inconsolable, making the tough decision to return to the same place where she watched her boyfriend die just a day ago. She still had several stitches across her forehead.

A minister told the group of mourners that they must find it in their hearts to forgive the person who shot Dylan or hate will consume them. The minister also prayed that the driver will see how much pain the family is in and come forward.

Arlington PD is looking for more people who might have witnessed the incident. They say any details, no matter how small, can be helpful.