Family of man tased by Dallas PD to request oversight board investigation

The family and attorneys for a man who died in a hospital two months after being tased by Dallas police officers are questioning the medical examiner's findings.

Rashad Madden was taken to Baylor Hospital after being tased by police last May.

Police say madden was armed with a gun in South Dallas, and he had already shot at a man. His attorneys say police fired at him and then tased him multiple times. Attorneys say the tasing put Madden in a coma.

The family questions the autopsy because the assistant medical examiner who conducted it is under investigation and on administrative leave.

“The report that we have shows that or states that Rashad Madden passed due to an accident or an accidental overdose,” said Justin Moore, the family’s attorney. “More specifically, what we have seen though by way of viewing him actually in the hospital before his passing was that he suffered brutal fatal injuries that do not reflect an overdose.”

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“It's just been very hard. Like I say, he has a 3-year-old daughter that he was with every day,” said Shabreeka Kennedy, the mother of Madden’s baby. “We lived together, and it’s kind of hard. She asks about him every day. And I really don't know what to tell her.”

The Madden family's attorneys say they will have an independent forensic pathologist review the medical examiner’s report. They plan to go before the new Dallas police oversight board and appeal to that group to investigate.

The oversight board meets again on Tuesday.