Everman flooding victims bracing for storms

People in the Tarrant County town of Everman whose homes suffered major flood damage just two weeks ago are bracing for another round of storms.

More than 60 homes were damaged by high water and the city declared a local state of disaster.

Residents have been cleaning up the damage ever since their homes flooded.

Others have even started repairing their homes, only to have more rain possibly headed their way.

Jimmie Reason's had more then three feet of water inside his home, ruining furniture, his guitar collection and much more.

He's already started ripping out all of his flooring and cutting out of the wet drywall to make repairs on his home.

More rain forecasted threatens to ruin the progress he's made so far.

But, Reason says he not too worried.

"I'm not worried about a flood, if it floods I'm just going to open the doors and let the water take everything else, because the damage is already done. I'm not worried about rainwater, it can flood all it wants," said Reason.

Reason says he rents to own and is now in danger of losing his home because the owner is considering selling because of the damage done.

Other residents say they're trying to prepare for the rain as best they can, moving items off the floor in case it does flood again.