Elderly Fort Worth father charged with daughter’s murder after fatal shooting

An elderly Fort Worth man was arrested after police found his daughter dead in a crashed SUV.

Police found 39-year-old Queenette Johnson behind the wheel of an SUV that crashed on Meadowbrook Drive near Dottie Lynn Parkway Thursday afternoon. She appeared to have an upper-body gunshot wound.

It’s a family tragedy for Norris Johnson after he lost his youngest sibling and only sister, Queenette. Police say she was shot in the head by their father, 72-year-old Alvie Johnson Jr.

“I just saw him Thanksgiving,” Norris said. “We were all laughing and joking. He was perfectly fine.”

Fort Worth police got the call at 12:18 p.m. Thursday about shots fired on Meadowbrook Drive.

According to court documents, Queenette was in the driver's seat arguing with her father about money outside of a bank. When Alvie got out of the SUV, Queenette tried to lock the doors and drive away.

However, police say Alvie jumped into the back hatch door of the SUV. He pulled out a pistol and shot his daughter several times, causing her SUV to crash.

“The suspect exited the vehicle, went to the passenger’s side, noticed that the victim was actually breathing and shot her one more time in essence to actually kill her,” said Fort Worth Police Officer Jimmy Pollozani.

Police say the 72-year-old told a first responder what he had done.

“These are very far few and between cases, but it’s a very sad case when you look at it,” Pollozani said.

Norris says he and his siblings have had a strained relationship with their dad since childhood.

“My father has always been stubborn,” Norris said. “He’s been distant. He’s been a little separate from all of us.”

But Norris says Queenette was always trying to make things better. Just last week, he says she had moved their father into her home and bought him a new car.

Queenette worked in home health care, was working on a nursing degree and ran her own catering business called “Fed By A Queen.” She leaves behind four children from 4 to 13 years old.

Norris says it’s unclear why they were arguing about money and says he didn’t know his father even had a gun.

Norris says his father never showed any signs of mental illness but says his dad liked to be by himself and had a tendency of pushing people away.             

Alvie is charged with murder. His bond was set at $250,000.

Queenette Johnson's church family described her as a woman of faith with a servant's heart.