Ecorse woman just turned 103 and still works every day

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These days, many people looking for ways to retire, but not Ethel. She has been working since she was 13 and is still going strong.

This vibrant 103 year old works every day at the Ethel V. Stevenson Senior Center in Ecorse. And if you didn't catch that, yes, the building is named after the lifelong employee. 

Ethel, who has worked at the community center for 60 years, says her job is coordinating senior transportation.

FOX 2: "When you see seniors coming in and complaining a little bit that they are getting older what do you tell them?"

"If nothing's wrong getting old they should be thankful. That's what I tell them," Ethel said before burting out laughing.

Ethel was born in Georgia and moved to Ecorse with her family when she was 10. She has outlived her 11 siblings, husband and two of her sons.

So what's her secret behind her longevity?

"Trust in God, treating people right and doing what I can to help everybody," she says.

Besides her faith, Ethel says she has been eating healthy since 1948. And, of course her work, which she says gives her purpose.

"What am I going to sit home for? I am not a sit home person," she says.

Her son doesn't even mention retirement.

"I don't want a spanking so I wouldn't tell her that," says Benjamin Stevenson. "I am pretty sure she would."

"She's real diligent about being on time all of that kind of stuff," says Lucille King, the senior center director. "She doesn't want to miss a day when it is bad outside. We say Ethel maybe you shouldn't come out today and she says, 'Oh, no, I'm coming in today.'"

"I love her. I think that's what is keeping her going," Benjamin said.

The Ecorse Senior Center Birthday Club will be throwing her a party next week to celebrate 103 years. As she looks to the years ahead, Ethel says she does have one wish.

"Encourage people to be neighbors to one another. Do what you can to help your neighbor," she says. "We don't look for color; we don't care what color. They can be red, blue, black, green and purple. It wouldn't make any difference. If they are human, that's what we like."

Ethel says she just now started to think about retirement - maybe next year.