East Texas police department will "test" your weed for 4/20 Day

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An East Texas police department is “helping” people have a “safe” 4/20 Day.

Every year, the 20th day of April is used to celebrate the “cannabis culture” in America.

To help celebrate the unofficial national marijuana holiday, the Marshall Police Department is offering its services for free to test if your marijuana is real.

“Just personally deliver your stash to the PD and K9 Amor will check it out. If it's real, you could receive a free stay in the finest resort in Harrison County,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

We’re going to take a wild guess here, but it’s safe to assume their “finest resort” is the Harrison County Jail since marijuana is illegal in the state of Texas.

Still, that hasn’t stopped law enforcement from poking fun at the day.

“Happy 4/20. ;)” the North Richland Police Department tweeted. “A K9’s favorite holiday.”