Dr Pepper may be moving headquarters from Plano to Frisco

The Frisco City Council approved a plan Tuesday night that’s expected to bring a high-end office building to The Star.

The city is selling land on the northwest corner of The Star.

There are some media reports that Dr Pepper could relocate its headquarters from Plano to the location.

Dr Pepper Keurig currently has its corporate headquarters on Legacy Drive in Plano. FOX 4 asked about media reports over a possible move to Frisco. A spokesperson said that they have nothing to confirm right now.

In the meantime, Frisco's city council is selling a plot of land where Cowboys players currently park to Jerry Jones’s real estate company, Blue Star Land. That land is currently valued at over $2 million.

The city will sell it to the Blue Star at a cost of around $600,000, which was the original purchase price of the land with the agreement that Jones will build an around 17-story office building there by 2021.

The city says it would benefit greatly by hundreds of thousands of tax revenue a year from a building that could be valued at over $200 million.  Right now, it's not generating any property tax revenue at the site.

Representatives for Jones did not return any calls for comment on Tuesday trying to figure out if there are any plans to lease that property to Dr Pepper.

The city of Frisco is also not commenting right now on potential future occupants of the property.

“The demand is out there for companies that want to be near The Star and attached to the Dallas Cowboys and have their conference center overlook the practice field and be able to showcase that to their clients all across the country and come here and be proud to say my office in Frisco, Texas and my office overlooks the Dallas Cowboys and their practice fields,” said Frisco mayor Jeff Cheney.

In a statement without mentioning Dr Pepper, the Plano mayor said: “While we always strive to retain all of our businesses in Plano, it’s not realistic to think every company that sets up shop, relocates or expands in Plano will stay here indefinitely. We are a significant recipient of new business. In the last two years, 48 companies either relocated to Plano or expanded their current operations.”