DPD investigating attack, robbery of 74-year-old woman's home

Dallas police say they are looking for robbers who attacked a 74-year-old woman and her friend in the garage of a Dallas home on the Fourth of July.

The victims say they were getting ready to watch fireworks when the attack happened. In the end, the two women were left bruised and beaten. But the homeowner is certain she was targeted.

Betty Thompson and a friend were sitting in Thompson's garage about to step out to watch fireworks when she says four men with guns came in. She says they closed the garage door and used masking tape to tie her to a chair.

Thompson was left with a bruise on her arm and a mark on her neck. Her friend Kena Wherry fought back when the men tried to tie her up.

"I thought they were going to kill her,” Wherry said. “And I didn't care if I died. I just... don't hurt her."

The women say at least one robber went into the house through the master bathroom and got into her linen closet where Thompson stored a small safe.

“I had rent money on the dresser, checks on the dresser, jewelry in my bathroom and my diamond,” said Thompson. “They didn't take nothing except that safe.”

If they were able to break into the safe, Thompson says the robbers would have only found a birth certificate and other paperwork. They also took a small amount of cash, a wallet and got away in her car.

They left Thompson and her friend visibly battered and bruised, but alive.

“All I know is I would never want to go through it again,” Thompson said.  

Neighbors say they didn't hear any of the commotion since fireworks were going off all over the neighborhood.

Thompson is a retired beautician. She says she owns some rental property in town but can't be sure of who would have targeted her.

Dallas police said they are investigating the robbery, but no arrests have been made.

The robbers got away with Thompson’s 2006 Tan Chevy Equinox with license plate number BX9X472.