Dozens rally in support of local law enforcement

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A newly formed North Texas organization braved the cold damp weather Saturday to get out a message: that they support the men and women behind the badge.

It was a remarkable turnout in front of the Arlington Police headquarters. Especially considering the woman who founded the Facebook group made her first post last Thursday night.

Members of "Citizens Supporting North Texas Law Enforcement Officers" gathered spreading a very simple message.

"There are good police out there and they are here to enforce the law and if people abide by the law it makes everybody safer," says Sheri Mohr of Burleson.

Keanen Halla is the founder of the group and says she didn't form the group because of any one incident. "It was just so many things that I've seen going on in the country and so many things happening right here in my own city."

One participant knows what it's like to feel the support of the public he serves. Charles Lodatto an Arlington Police Detective. In August of 2013, Lodatto was shot trying to arrest an accused child killer in Saginaw.

"A great blessing to feel that support from the public," Lodatto explains. "Just to feel that you know the City and the public reached out to me in a special way prayers support, cards, the outpouring was unbelievable."

As this group rallied, members of Open Carry Tarrant County held a rally of their own, with some finding common ground.

Secede Kilgore is among them. "Thank you for the rights we have to carry our arms and thank you for the police here trying to keep everybody safe and healthy and just getting along."

Members here want people to realize, Police are often relied upon but rarely every rallied for.