Dirk and his wife, Jessica, among those who volunteered to help give out Mother's Day meal boxes

Some North Texas professional athletes helped families in southern Dallas prepare for Mother’s Day.

Dirk Nowitzki and his wife, Jessica, worked with the Mark Cuban Heroes Center to distribute meal boxes.

Former Dallas Mavericks player Devin Harris, assistant coach Jamal Mosley, and Dallas Wings player Satou Sabally also helped.

Several hundred meal boxes were handed out. Each had a variety of food items.

They brought tears of joy and many thank yous from the families picking up items.

"It’s real good to have people to bless you with food and provide when you can't get out and go to the store like you want to," one person who picked up meals said.

Foundation volunteers also dropped food off at many homes to help people who were unable to reach the pick-up locations.