Day care under investigation after molestation claims

A Lewisville home day care is under investigation after two 4-year-old girls say a 14-year-old who lived at that home molested them during nap time.

That teen was taken into custody Thursday afternoon, and the day care is closed.

The charges come from what the two 4-year-old girls told their moms happened at the Adventure Care daycare weeks ago during nap time.

FOX 4 isn’t saying the mothers’ names or showing their faces because we don't want to identify their children, who police say are victims.

"My daughter came home on August the third and told me that she was touched in her private area,” said one of the mothers.

The accusations are against the relative of the day care owner, who lives at the home in the 2000 block of Buffalo Bend Drive.

"An outcry was made by a small child that she was touched inappropriately at a day care,” said Capt. Dan Rochelle with the Lewisville Police Department. “They called police, went the hospital and we started investigating."


Police say after the two girls were given a forensic interview, they took the teen suspect into custody.

“The suspect has been criminally detained today and charged with two counts of indecency with a child,” said Rochelle.

When FOX showed up to the in-home day care to get a comment, a car sped away from our camera.

There was also no answer at the door.

However, Child Protective Services confirms child care licensing is also investigating Adventure Care, asking the owner to shut down and not to care for any children during the process, which could take up to 30 days.

Families of the alleged victims say the teen should be punished, along with the licensed owner of the day care, whom they say should have been supervising.

“We put our complete trust in her and she let us down completely,” said one of the alleged victim’s mothers.

Police have not charged the owner of the day care.

As for the suspect, he's expected to go before a judge Friday.

Both moms say probation and a minimal sentence won't be enough.