North Texas musician's home destroyed in New Mexico wildfires

Wildfires in New Mexico have claimed the lives of at least two people. 

One of the hardest-hit cities is the new home of a familiar face around North Texas.

Dave Millsap is a musician from North Texas. The last image he saw of his Ruidoso, New Mexico, home was on his Ring camera as the wildfires consumed his house.

Millsap and his wife moved from Fort Worth to New Mexico eight years ago. 

"I've never been in war, but the sound was something I'll never forget," he said.

At least 2 dead, over 1,400 structures burned as New Mexico wildfires rage

The couple stayed in a gym Monday where evacuees were sent after the fire started. Now, they are in a hotel. 

The out-of-control fire claimed the lives of at least two people. One was Patrick Pearson, another musician in the area. 

"He was on a walker, and he was trying to escape the fire on foot," Millsap said. "And they found him curled up in a fetal position at the side of by a hotel that was also engulfed in flames. And so, he lost his life there. It was a vicious fire."

Back in North Texas, Jordan Miller is taking up donations at Duece’s Bar. She is from Ruidoso. 


"All the rest of my friends have been evacuated. Some who have residential losses, and there are other people who know their places have burned down and others who don’t know their places burned down," she said.

Miller hopes to fill a trailer and make the drive to New Mexico to help those in need.

As of Thursday morning, more than 1,400 structures have been destroyed. 

"It’s beautiful that we can support and help people in need," Miller said.

The bar is taking donations until Sunday. They are asking for toiletries and water.