Dallas officer seen punching man in fight video under investigation

Dallas police suspended an officer who was seen on video repeatedly punching a man.

The video posted on social media shows a fight on July 21 in Deep Ellum. 

More than a dozen people including men and women were fighting in the street when police arrived.

In the video, three Dallas police officers can be seen trying to get the crowd under control.

A man in a white shirt and white shorts walks up to an officer and gets shoved back.

The camera pans around and stops on what looks like the same officer punching the same man several times in the face.

The other two officers restrained the officer involved and handcuffed the man who was being punched.

Dallas police said the officer is on leave during an internal investigation.

Police did not say whether the man who was being punched was charged with any crime.

Chief Eddie Garcia praised the two officers who intervened.