Dallas Morning News journalists announce intent to unionize

Staffers at The Dallas Morning News announced their intention to unionize on Monday, the first such effort at a Texas newspaper in recent history.

The Dallas News Guild, which would have members from the DMN and its Spanish language publication Al Dia, said in a release that a majority of the newsroom supported the effort.

The Guild said it has requested voluntary recognition of the union by owners A.H. Belo. That could lead to negotiations between the union and management. A refusal to recognize could set up a lengthy battle.

“We understand our industry is in turmoil,” the Guild said in a statement. “This tumult has resulted in no-raise promotions, increased work without increased pay and staffing that has been cut to the bone... We seek to work with management to build a more stable and secure environment so that local journalism can thrive.”

Ironically, the DMN is credited with creating the term “right to work” in 1941.

“We are taking the [union] letter under advisement. It’s our privilege to provide a world-class news report to the people of North Texas and we will continue to do so," said publisher Grant Moise.