Dallas Meals on Wheels feeds thousands on Thanksgiving Day

Volunteers and staff of Meals on Wheels delivered Thanksgiving meals for those in need.

To get all the Thanksgiving meals delivered required plenty of planning and logistics. They had things very well organized in a parking lot and an army of volunteers loading up vehicles.

Volunteers also served as the delivery drivers.

Meals were distributed to about 4,500 homebound seniors and disabled adults throughout Dallas County throughout the day.

For a huge number of Meals on Wheels clients, the folks making the deliveries were the only people they saw on Thursday.

Those who donated their time on Thanksgiving say it’s not a sacrifice at all. 

"It's a good moment to wake up early to get out there and help others, do more than just think about yourself and your family,” said Dallas Jesuit College Prep student Jack Perdue. “It’s a great time to hang out with some friends and work together on something bigger."

Dallas Jesuit College Prep provided lots of the volunteers.

The meals included turkey breast, cornbread dressing, fresh vegetables, gravy, mashed potatoes, hot rolls, cranberry sauce, and cinnamon sugar cookies. In addition to the festive meal, every client received a bag of fresh fruit. 

Those making the deliveries were still able to chat with the Meals on Wheels clients. But because of the pandemic, extra precautions were taken like masking, hand sanitizer, and social distancing.