Dallas ISD against proposed bathroom bills in Texas legislature

Dallas ISD came out Wednesday against two proposed bathroom bills in the Texas legislature that would limit which restrooms transgender people can use.

The district said in a statement that it is opposed to the proposed legislation because the district's policy prohibits discrimination based on sexual identity.

Dallas ISD preschool teacher Johnny Boucher, who was born a woman, said the bathroom bills would discriminate against him at work by forcing him to use a women's restroom.

"I have even asked my esteemed colleagues at school, how do you feel about me using the ladies room. They say we know you wouldn't bother us, Mr. Boucher, but perhaps it wouldn't seem polite."

The concern about privacy and uniform standards across the state pushed this issue into special session. State Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton) said the purpose is to keep bathroom use the way it is now.

"We filed this to say for 170 years the privacy of people in intimate areas has been protected and we want to continue to do like we have in the past,” Simmons said.

The bill would prohibit school districts from creating a policy to "protect a class of persons from discrimination" when it comes to accessing multiple occupancy showers, restrooms and changing areas.

The language is upsetting to Dallas ISD school board trustee Miguel Solis.

"We cannot protect children from discrimination?” Solis asked. “Rep. Simmons, Lt. Gov. Patrick, Gov. Abbott, have you no sense of decency left?"

Simmons said the bill is about keeping kids in locker room showers and changing areas safe.

"I certainly believe it helps protects our girls, wives and moms as far as gender use of these private facilities."

Boucher said the bill will likely have the opposite effect.

“For women who feel unsafe with men in the bathroom, someone like me entering the bathroom would be alarming,” Boucher said.