Dallas hopes to find homes for 100 homeless veterans

The city of Dallas plans to find housing for 100 veterans in the next 100 days.

It’s called the “No Buddy Left Behind” program. It’s similar to an initiative the city’s homeless alliance rolled out last year, which used federal dollars to finance rent payments for 100 veterans.

To get a home, veterans must go to the Dallas Housing Authority to get a federal voucher then find a proper place to rent.

“First we have to identify the veterans and have them... they will come to an admission event and they will either be chosen to be eligible for this program. After that they will be given a dash voucher that is given through HUD through the Dallas Housing Authority and then we got to find a place for them to live. And so this is also a call to action for the landlord community,” said Karen Hughes, the chair of Metro Dallas Alliance.

The Metro Dallas Alliance said the number of homeless veterans in Dallas spiked last year to more than 430.

The city was able to provide homes for 140 of them.