Dallas hires workforce czar to find better jobs for people

A new Dallas jobs czar is taking on a big task to find better jobs for people who are unemployed or underemployed.

Mayor Eric Johnson tasked Lynn McBee to help with workforce development and equity.

Right now, 40% of Dallas’ residents are living in poverty.

As the Workforce Czar, McBee plans to help residents land better jobs with higher paying salaries to support their families through upskilling.

That includes establishing agreements with organizations including Dallas College and Workforce Solutions to provide more education and job training.

"Really start to have a thorough process on how we get the people we know need the jobs. And we know there are tons of jobs to be had. How do we get them skilled? How do we get them reskilled and get then into the workforce," she said. "We’re going to need to visit with employers to make sure that people are given time to try and upskill and be better at their jobs and have that opportunity."

McBee said a challenge is working through transportation issues, childcare issues and language barriers to make sure residents have the opportunity to attend classes and job training.


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