Dallas Fire Rescue saves puppy who got head stuck in tire rim

Dallas Fire Rescue saved a puppy who got his head stuck inside the rim of an old wheel.

The animal was heard howling and whimpering when someone finally found him.

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(Courtesy: Dallas Dog - Rescue.Rehab.Reform)

Dallas Dog - Rescue.Rehab.Reform was called to the area to try to help the dog, who was dehydrated and covered in fleas.

Their attempts to get the dog out of what they called his "steel cone of shame" didn't work, so Dallas Fire Rescue was brought in.

They were able to free the scared animal.

Dallas Dog RRR got the pup checked by a vet who said the animal needed fluids, but otherwise they say he looks good.


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They are calling the animal 'Wheeler' in honor of how he was found.

Wheeler will likely be put up for adoption soon through Dallas Dog RRR.