Dallas County DA Susan Hawk seeking mental health treatment for third time

Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk is seeking mental health treatment for the third time in less than a year. According to a statement she released Monday, she is heading to a treatment facility in Arizona.

“Under the guidance of my doctors, today I'm entering a treatment facility in Arizona that specializes in mood disorders,” Hawk said in a statement. “I'm committed to making my health the top priority so I can honor my commitment of service to Dallas County. I'm blessed to have the continued and steadfast support of my leadership team and colleagues at the DA's office, and I thank them for their hard work in serving our citizens in my absence."

Hawk checked into a Houston-area depression clinic in May, the same clinic where she was treated in August and September 2015. Hawk canceled three speaking engagements in May, including an event on mental health at the Dallas Public Library, before checking into the clinic again.

A statement from the district attorney's office read, "I did not choose this disease, but I am choosing to treat it aggressively and openly in an effort to provide transparency from our office and to encourage others living with similar struggles to be proactive in treatment and not live in shame."

Dallas County GOP Party Chair Mark Montgomery said people are covering for Hawk while she's gone.

"She has an illness. It's no different than someone having a heart attack or anything like that, you know, a broken leg or whatever,” Montgomery said. “She needs to recover from her illness and then get back on the job."

Records obtained by FOX4 showed Hawk worked just two days in May.

In January, a judge dismissed a case to remove Hawk from office.

The statement does not give a timeline for Hawk’s return. 

Hawk returned to her office at the Dallas County Jail from her second inpatient treatment ten days ago.