Dallas County DA sought help for prescription drug use

New Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk acknowledged Friday she sought help to stop taking prescription medication.

Hawk said in a statement she decided to seek help about a year and a half ago.

The press release came after The Dallas Morning News reported Friday morning that Hawk had spent time in a drug rehab facility for abusing prescription drugs.

"Here are the facts: I have a serious back condition. A doctor prescribed me medicine. Over a year and a half ago I decided I did not want to take it any more, and I got help to quit taking it, and haven't taken any since," Hawk said in the statement.

The prescription drug revelations came just days after Hawk fired Bill Wirskye, who held the second highest post in the DA's office. The move came as a surprise to many in the DA's office and in county government.

Hawk seemingly pointed the finger at Wirskye for the drug rehab details being made public.

"A disgruntled former employee who was fired this week is attacking my character," Hawk said in the statement, going on to say, "The only reason I am talking about this now is to end his efforts to attack my character in retaliation to his firing."

Hawk said her family and friends, including Wirskye, knew about her prescription drug issues previously and still supported her in the campaign.

Hawk resigned her post as a state district judge and switched parties and ran as a Republican against incumbent DA Craig Watkins. Hawk defeated the Democrat in the Nov. 2014 elections, a rare win for Republicans at the county level in Dallas.