Dak Prescott's dog banned from Frisco following attack

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The city of Frisco has banned one of the pit bulls Dak Prescott owns after it attacked a woman last month.

Prescott reached a deal out of court with the city to be able to keep Icon. He just can’t keep him in Frisco. Before, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback was scheduled to go to a ‘dangerous dog hearing’ next week. It has since been canceled.

City records show Prescott had dealt with animal control before.

The day of the attack was the third time one or two of Prescott’s dogs escaped and ran the neighborhood. However, the two previous times Frisco Animal Control only issued warnings.

Prescott has never spoken publicly about the incident, but it’s clear from his social media posts he loves his dogs. The agreement may have been the only way to save Icon.

The city of Frisco revealed on Wednesday that they had come to an agreement with Prescott out of court just seven days before the set hearing.

Icon has been in the custody of Collin County Animal Services since the attack. According to the court order, Icon will be released to Prescott or an authorized representative. The dog will then be transferred to Prescott's personal veterinarian for the animal to be housed until arrangements can be made to remove the dog from the city of Frisco.

Icon cannot return to Frisco without a further court order.

Attorney Bryce King is not associated with the case.

“This is actually more common than going to court,” the attorney said. “What most likely happened is Dak's attorney and the city's attorney reviewed the evidence, the witness statements, any injuries sustained to the lady and just worked out an agreement.”

Based on the available information, King says it’s unclear whether or not Icon has been deemed a "dangerous dog" by the city of Frisco.

The attack happened on February 25 in the exclusive gated community where Prescott lives.

The victim was Prescott's 50-year-old neighbor. She told 911 that Icon and another of Prescott's pit bulls chewed through her fence and that Icon bit her when Prescott's dogs were attacking her dogs.

 Investigators determined the dogs got out Prescott's home through an unsecured door. Icon was put into quarantine for 10 days. His life was in limbo until Wednesday's agreement.

FOX 4 reached to the victim by phone Wednesday afternoon, but she declined to comment.