Crews still working to remove cars from Irving parking structure and stabilize it

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Crews are still working to stabilize a partially collapsed Irving parking garage. 

Saturday marked five days since the collapse. Irving firefighters and inspectors are still examining and shoring up parts of the structure.

Part of the upper deck collapsed just before noon on Tuesday, July 31st. Five hours later, there was a second collapse. Police bodycam shows what it looked like in the moments directly afterward.

Four cars remain on the upper deck that did not collapse. They are in what’s been marked off as the “red zone”. 

The Irving Fire Department said Saturday, they are still hopeful that they can be removed over the weekend. As many as eight vehicles are stuck down below the rubble. Irving says engineers are shoring up the north end of the garage.

"Everyone was blessed, God helped them so happy no one got hurt can always replace the money, never replace the humanity," said local resident Hassan Rahmati.

Forensic engineers have bene working to stabilize the garage to prevent any further structure failures. They’re also looking at the question everyone wants an answer to: What caused the collapse? 

As of Saturday, the investigation and cleanup were expected to continue into the next week.