Cowboys' Tyrone Crawford charged for March bar fight

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford now faces a misdemeanor charge for a March bar fight in Florida.

Panama City Beach PD has charged Crawford with unlawful assembly. Besides the criminal case, it’s very likely he'll face discipline by the NFL and even a possible suspension.

Crawford was charged via summons and has pleaded not guilty, according to his attorney. A rep for the Dallas Cowboys had no comment about the misdemeanor charge against the defensive lineman.

Two months after TMZ Sports published the cell phone video of Crawford in a bar brawl, new public documents released in the case reveal he has been charged in connection to the spring break fight.

Walter Musgrove is an NFL agent and attorney not associated with this case. He says the misdemeanor charge of unlawful assembly basically amounts to disturbing the peace in Texas.

According to police, the fight started after Crawford's group was asked to go outside after a woman bartender at Coyote Ugly complained about some of their behavior. Shortly after, the brawl broke out.

According to court documents, Crawford “then charged toward an officer trying to restrain one of the party members and pushes in between the officer and defendant’s party. This hindered the officer from detaining this individual.”

The NFL is conducting its own investigation.

“He could still be punished by the NFL even if he's found not guilty,” Musgrove said. “Or even in if the case that it's dismissed, they could still discipline him for violation of the rules.”

Musgrove says possible action by the league could include game suspensions and a fine.

The seven-year Cowboys veteran is considered a leader on the teams. Crawford is personally involved in several charities. He often spends time with children in the off season and on days off during season. It's too soon to tell how this criminal case could affect his future.

“At some point, I'm sure they'll offer him some sort of a plea bargain,” Musgrove said. “At that point, he has the opportunity to accept it or reject it.”

Crawford's attorney said he has no comment about the charge, but pointed out that one of the bar bouncers was also charged in connection to the fight.

Crawford's brother is listed as a defendant, too.

A pretrial conference is scheduled for June 13.