COVID-19 pandemic changes timeline for Dallas County property assessment protests

Property values for Dallas County were posted online Friday and notices have been mailed out. 

But there's a new process to protest your home's assessed value and some new dates too. 

There are two things people need to understand about the assessed value of their property: January 1 was the assessment date and the usual timeline for protesting has moved in Dallas County due to COVID-19.

The assessments took place pre-pandemic when the economy was strong and unemployment was low.   

Notices in Dallas County weren’t mailed until May 15, the usual deadline to protest. Now the protest deadline is a month later, June 15.

In light of COVID-19 concerns, the informal process has gone mostly digital.

“What we want them to do is use electronics as much as possible,” said Cheryl Jordan, Dallas Central Appraisal District.

That means starting with uFile. Residents can find a link when you search your account on the DCAD website. There, people can electronically submit documents   

Not too tech-savvy? People can mail documents to the appraisal district or drop them in the lockbox located out front during business hours. An informal hearing will happen over the phone.

“You talk to them on the phone after you submit your information and we will try and be very reasonable with those who are protesting,” Jordan said.

Don't like the result? You can still request a formal hearing. While traditionally done in person before a panel of three, they will now be done over the phone with a single board member 

“The average age of our ARB is about 70 and they're not comfortable going down here with a lot of people,” Jordan said.

People who insist on a face-to-face hearing will have that request granted. Those will likely not happen until the end of September at the earliest.   

Property owners have the right to protest the property’s value whether or not there's been a change. All values have been posted to the DCAD website.