Couple tips Clearwater server $2,000 after learning she spent Christmas money on car repairs

Working on Christmas Eve can be tough, but it paid off in a big way for a waitress in Clearwater Beach.

With money tight, Lynette Baio says giving gifting wasn’t a possibility until she got a $2,000 tip from some generous customers.

Baio wasn’t really looking forward to Christmas. She had just emptied her savings account to repair her car and was left with no money to buy gifts for her family, but a generous couple dining at Speggtacular on Christmas Eve couldn’t help but make Baio’s Christmas one she’ll never forget.

“It’s a Christmas miracle to me," Baio said.

It takes Baio about six weeks to make $2,000 in tips. This Christmas Eve she made all of it in one night from one generous couple.

“I had no idea like who would have thought anybody would do that for me," Baio said. “If they only knew how much they help me emotionally. I just want to thank them."


Her car starts now, but only after she emptied her bank account to fix it. Her car situation happened to come up in a conversation with one of her customers a few weeks ago. When the same couple returned for dinner on Christmas Eve, Baio had no idea what was coming next.

“They started to walk out and I picked it up and I was like, 'What?' and I started crying and he started crying and she starting crying and it was just totally amazing," Baio said.

The gift is helping at a tough time. Lynette lost her husband just two years ago. She says acts of kindness like these inspire her to pay it forward, which is something she promised her generous customers she would do.

"I'm gonna honor their words and I'm going to pay it forward someday and I'm going to let God bless me enough to do it," Baio said.

Thanks to the $2,000 tip, Baio was able to buy gifts for her friends and family.