Couple arrested in Oak Cliff after chase in stolen pickup

A driver and his passenger are in custody after leading Dallas police on a chase that ended outside the Dallas VA Medical Center.

The chase happened just before 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. The driver hit a police squad car and several other vehicles before being taken into custody.

SKY 4 was overhead shortly after it all ended. The video shows a white pickup up on the sidewalk right outside the VA Medical Center.

Police say the chase started when officers spotted the Ford crew cab pickup truck that was reported stolen out of Plano while it was backed into a spot at a Jack in the Box off Westmoreland Road. When officers approached, it took off and hit a police car.

A surveillance camera shows the chase in its final moments several miles away near the VA. The white truck traveled down the wrong side of the road. It forced cars to swerve out of the way.

Ceci McQueen and her cousin, Kayla McQueen, weren't as lucky.

“When a couple cars before me jumped the curb, I tried to jump the curb. But it was too late. That’s why I got sideswiped in the front, but not the major front,” she said. “It’s like a big bomb went off. Everything went still. You hear people yelling and talking just crazy chaos.”

When the truck hit Perla Hernandez' car, her 18-day-old newborn was inside. Thankfully, the impact wasn't jarring enough to cause any injuries.

Police took both the driver and a female passenger into custody after a miles-long chase, where just a matter of inches could have changed so much.

“He didn't have any care,” Kayla said. “And it could have been worse.”

“I just never experienced anything like this. It's just mind-blowing,” Ceci said. “You see stuff like this on TV, but you don't imagine it will happen to you.”

The names of the suspects have not been released. Police say charges are pending.