Community rallies around boy mowing lawns to pay for school supplies

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While most kids spend their summers relaxing, a North Carolina boy was working hard to prepare for the new school year.

For the last few months, Tyran Bell has been offering to mow lawns in his home town; however, instead of earning cash, he has been asking for supplies and clothing. That’s because his family has been going through a tough time and he wanted to help out.

"It started out with helping my momma out so she can pay her bills and I can buy my own school supplies."

It wasn’t long before word spread and his community stepped in to help.  A local business owner made her business a drop off location for people to donate clothing and supplies to Tyran. 

His mother, Tara Lewis, knows what a hard worker her son is.

"Not too many kids his age are willing to go out and make his own money, and they usually have their hand out wanting their momma to pay for everything, so I am very blessed because he's very helpful and he's a smart kid."

Lewis has had to take off time from work to assist her brother after he was in an accident. Since then, there has been an outpouring of support.

“You can tell he's concerned and he's worried about his mom,” said Theresa Baab, owner of A1 Security Services. “Such an amazing kid should have help."

Now, thanks to his community, Tyran has all the school supplies he needs. 

“Tyran has always been the kind of person that wants to give and do things for other people,” Lewis said. “I think it's a blessing because now that someone has been able to bless him, he's able to bless somebody else.”

The selfless 10-year-old plans to give any additional donated items to other local kids in need.