Collin County residents cleaning up after major hail storm

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Severe storms in Collin County on Sunday brought some major hail damage and residents in Frisco and McKinney spent Monday cleaning up from the mess.

The bulk of the damage to homes, businesses and cars was mostly along Highway 121. The storm damage estimate is already $300 to 400 million, according to the Insurance Council of Texas.

In Frisco near Eldorado and Independence, the hail began falling around 6:30 p.m. Sunday and then again around 11:30 p.m. People on one block in the neighborhood reported seeing golf ball-sized hail. A block over, baseball-sized hail pounded roofs and shattered windshields.

Steve and Marianne Ganow who live in the area said they had three vehicles parked out on the street at the time. All three were damaged.

“It was a good 30 to 45 minutes of solid getting smaller and then bigger and golf ball-sized hail. This windshield is all cracked up. Both cars, the windshields are broken,” the Ganows said.

Ashwin Upponi took video of the quarter to golf-ball sized hail as it pelted his McKinney house Sunday evening, destroying the turbines on his roof.

“If I go into the attic I see sky directly so it’s completely shattered,” Upponi said.

Homeowners were feeling anxious about getting the work done, and for good reason.

“When those hail pieces come through a skylight, windows or roofs and the materials in the home get wet, 24-48 hours mold can start to grow,” said Mike Dodd, American Water Damage.

Like Upponi, Deborah Maxson watched hopelessly at her apartment complex.

“Oh, my beautiful new car, which is not even a month old,” Upponi said.

And as with all hail storms, contractors and repair businesses were out advertising, knocking on doors, leaving messages and passing out cards to people who might need their services.

State Farm Insurance spokesman Chris Pilcic offered some advice to residents dealing with damage. He warned people to be cautious of contractors who come in from out of state. Find someone local and reputable to make any repairs, he said.

“Document everything you can with pictures,” Pilcic said.

Most of the hundreds of claims the company has received so far are coming from Collin County — Allen, McKinney and Frisco.