Collin County health officials warn public after restaurant worker tests positive for typhoid fever

Collin County Health Care Services found that a person who works at a McKinney restaurant has tested positive for typhoid fever, and anyone who ate there last month may be at risk.

Anyone who ate at Hat Creek Burger Co., located at 3321 S Custer Road in McKinney, between August 19 and 22 may be at risk of Salmonella typhi (typhoid fever).

Health officials put out the warning after a confirmed case of travel-related extensively drug resistant typhoid fever.

Symptoms for those exposed include a sustained fever, feeling weak, having stomach pains, headaches, diarrhea, or loss of appetite.

Those symptoms can begin just three days after exposure, or take as long as 60 days to appear. The average is about a week or two weeks after exposure.

This is spread through the bacteria in stool, and the way to prevent it from spreading is washing your hands after using the bathroom and before preparing food or eating.

Anyone who thinks they have been exposed should contact their doctor. Those with questions can also contact Collin County Health Care Service at 972-548-4707.