Coca-Cola kicks off the holiday season with new cinnamon flavor hitting US shelves in September

As pumpkin spice lattes make their return earlier and earlier to usher in the holiday spirit, Coca-Cola is unveiling their version of festive flavor with a new flavor: Cinnamon Coca-Cola.

It is expected to hit shelves in the U.S. in September.

The new flavor was revealed by the Instagram account candyhunting, which pointed out that the new cinnamon addition should make for a good combination because “Coke’s flavor leans more towards the brown spice flavoring than other colas.”



According to the Instagram account, Cinnamon Coca-Cola was debuted as a Zero Coke variant in the U.K. last winter.

A spokesperson from Coca-Cola said that no official press release has been issued, but reassured eager consumers that the holidays will be kicking off early when the new festive drink hits shelves nationwide on Sept. 30.

The company says it is also releasing a Winter Spiced Cranberry-flavored Sprite to add even more holiday cheer to your taste buds.