Chinese New Year event in Dallas postponed due to 'health crisis in China'

While the state of Texas has no confirmed cases of the coronavirus, the virus has forced some changes.

Several Texas universities have suspended student travel to China.

And on Thursday, organizers of a Chinese New Year event scheduled for Saturday at NorthPark Center in Dallas postponed the event.

“Mindful of the current and evolving health crisis in China, and alighned with other communities across the nations, the Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas and NorthPark Center have decided to postpone the planned celebrations for Saturday’s Chinese New Year Fesitval,” it read in a release.

Several people, including Grace Shin, were critical after reading the announcement about the postponement.

“If it’s out of respect for what people in China are going through, it makes sense. I accept that, but if you just say there is a health crisis there, and because of that, we’re going to postpone this event, it sends the wrong message,” she said. “It sends a message that when you have groups of Asian people who are together, you should be afraid.”