Chewbacca masks sold out because of North Texas mom's video

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A North Texas woman’s viral video has sparked a surge in Chewbacca mask sales.

Candace Payne bought her mask at Kohl’s in Arlington. Video of her laughing uncontrollably after putting it on in her car has more than 136 million views on Facebook.

“It emoted so much emotion that I didn’t expect it to look so gleeful and joyful and I had an iPhone on my dash board and I could see my rear view camera facing or whatever. And I saw it and I was just laughing so hard because I never expected it to look that hysterical,” she told FOX 4.

Now it’s hard to find the $25 electronic talking Chewbacca masks in stores anywhere. They’re selling for $100 to $170 on sites like eBay and Amazon.

The manager of the Arlington Kohl’s store stopped by Payne’s Grand Prairie home over the weekend. The company thanked her for being a loyal customer and surprised her with additional Chewy masks for her entire family.

“She was kind of fumbling getting it out of the box and I was like, ‘What’s happening?’ And then when she starts laughing you can’t help but smile. I mean, it just makes you laugh,” said Jeff Chasteen, the store’s manager.

The company also gave Payne’s children $1,000 worth of toys. It gave her $2,500 in gift cards and 10,000 in reward points for her recent birthday.

“Candace made the Internet’s day, so we wanted to make hers,” Kohl’s wrote on its Facebook page.