Breast cancer survivor giving back through The Blessing Box Project

A breast cancer survivor is helping to provide comfort for thousands who have or are battling that same disease.

Dawn Compton is the founder of The Blessing Box Project.

In 2018 after a series of surgeries, she made a mastectomy pillow and drain shirt for herself.  That’s when she got the idea to donate some to others.

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"This was just a pattern that I found on Pinterest for myself. And so, I made me a pillow and a drain shirt out of a shirt from a thrift store and made a few to donate to some friends that I had met through some social media groups. And it’s gone on from there," she said.

Now with a team of volunteers, she’s been able to sew pillows and fill nearly 5,8000 blessing boxes with supplies for women who are recovering from breast cancer surgery.

"Basically, it’s strictly kindness and God blesses kindness. And I’ve always believed that but I’m seeing that full force. I mean, we don’t charge for the boxes. We ask that if the recipient is able that they return the postage for the box. But some people can, and some people can’t. Those that can’t, their postage is covered because others that pay in, some send exactl and some send more. You know, it’s all what goes into the jar comes out of the jar," she said.

Compton said she feels fortunate to be blessed with a tribe of people all over the country who are willing to send donations and supplies, as well as an amazing group of sewing volunteers.

"They sew in their homes. they sew at the sew-ins with me. And so, we pack at the sew-ins and I pack boxes every day or every week. And I ship about 45 boxes a week," she said.

For more information about how to donate, volunteer or request a blessing box, visit