Body found in alligator-filled pond is a female, no alligator bites found on body

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has reported that they have discovered a body in the retention pond where an Orange County teen was seen Wednesday flailing around in a retention pond that is known to have massive alligators on Thursday.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says that the body was located 50 yards from the shore of the pond.

A press conference was held Thursday morning and Jeff Williamson revealed that the body pulled out was actually a female in her late teens or early 20's. They say she was dark-skinned, possibly being either Hispanic or black.

Williamson also stated that as far as they know, the body is the same as the one spotted by a witness on Wednesday, who said that he saw someone flailing around and yelling "it bit me." However, Williamson confirmed that the body found has no alligator bite marks and no damage to the face. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission (FWC) has left the scene because of this.

Investigating units on scene are working to see if the shirt and shoes found near the pond fit the body. 

Watch the full press conference below.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says that marine units, homicide detectives and CSI investigators were called to the scene. 

Officials were back at the retention pond when the sun went up on Thursday morning, continuing Wednesday's massive search.