Bishop T.D. Jakes hosting free five-week STEAM summer program

Bishop T.D. Jakes says what we are exposed to is what we excel at.

Through his T.D. Jakes Foundation, the founder and senior pastor of the Potter’s House is working to expose children and teens this summer to a new educational reality. The program will be completely virtual.

The bishop is hosting and sponsoring a Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) Academy for kids this summer.

“We're working in partnership with our current mayor. We're working with the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, Texas Instruments and Microsoft to provide a free program for underserved communities,” he explained.

Jakes says it’s his attempt to expose inner-city kids to the same opportunities other kids get

“They’ve been exposed to basketball. They’ve excelled at it. They’ve been exposed to football. They've excelled at it. Exposed to preachers. Excelled at it. Hip-hop. Excelled at it,” Jakes said. “We have to expose them to science, technology, engineering, arts and math. And if we do that, we'll secure their future.”

It’s a future that could not only impact their lives but also the community.

“It'll cut down on the violence. I've never been mugged by anybody who had to go to work in the morning,” Jakes said. “It'll cut down on the violence by creating an alternative for our children and make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.”