Bear meets sprinkler in northern MN — and it's hilarious: Video

A black bear wandered into a yard in northern Minnesota and encountered a sprinkler — the outcome was adorable and hilarious. 

Mike Miller sent FOX 9 video of a bear at his cabin near Biwabik, Minnesota, near Giant's Ridge Resort, saying at about 6:15 a.m. Tuesday, the bear met a lawn sprinkler on his property as the bear made its way to the hummingbird feeder.  

"I hope it brings a chuckle," Miller said in an email to FOX 9. 

Miller said his cabin is in a remote area, so they see a couple of bears fairly consistently throughout the summer. They put up hummingbird feeders a couple of weeks ago, and this beer has visited a few times in recent days.

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"When he showed up a few weeks ago and walked right past our firewood storage, we could tell he's about 32-34 inches tall at his shoulders, so pretty good size and looking very healthy," Miller said of the black bear.

They plan to take down the hummingbird feeder so the bear doesn't make it a habit of visiting their cabin, "as it's always better to keep them away from humans if possible," Miller told FOX 9. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources warns the public that if anyone encounters a bear that does not leave on its own, "boldly shout, bang pots, slam doors or throw something" in order to scare the bear away. Homeowners should also remove birdfeeders or other food sources that could attract bears.

Biwabik, Minnesota, is more than an hour north of Duluth and about 200 miles from Minneapolis.