Bald eaglet returned to White Rock Lake

A bald eaglet that fell out of its nest at White Rock Lake during Tuesday morning's storms has been reunited with its parents.

Dallas Park and Recreation said the strong winds knocked most of the eagle's nest out of a tree at Lake Highlands and N Buckner Boulevard.

Teams were able to find one of the two eaglets from the nest.

Dallas Park and Rec said the bird was bruised, but otherwise okay.

The eaglet was taken in Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in Lucas.

Teams have built an artificial nest to help with the reunification process with the bird's parents.

"It's still working on developing flight muscles and getting ready to fly. We are still probably a week or two out from that," said Brett Johnson with Dallas Park and Recreation.

Volunteers from the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center will be watching the area for the next few days.

A fence is up around the area, so visitors do not disrupt the birds.

Dallas Park and Recreation asks anyone who does visit to maintain their distance and keep their dogs on leashes.