Balch Springs councilwoman convicted for abusing 911

A Balch Springs councilwoman was convicted Tuesday for abusing 911.

Wanda Adams tried to claim ignorance, but surveillance video convinced the judge otherwise. The 911 call came from a Dollar General store that Adams was at because the manager was upset about being repeatedly robbed.

Adams was found guilty in about 30 minutes and was sentenced to 90 days in jail -- but that sentence was suspended in favor of one year probation.

Adams testified she talked to the manager about calling 911, but then claims she changed her mind.

The video shows the store manager hand Adams the phone after calling 911. The prosecution maintains Adams encouraged the manager to call 911. Adams then holds the cell phone to her ear for several seconds, then ends the call and places the phone on the table.

The prosecution says the video proves that Adams "knowingly remained silent" on the phone while a 911 operator repeatedly said "hello."

A loss prevention officer sitting next to her -- at the time of the call -- testified he heard the 911 operator on the other end of the phone saying "hello" while Adams held the phone to her ear and said nothing.

When a Balch Springs police officer arrived to investigate the hang up call -- which is department protocol -- he testified Adams told him she was testing police response times.

Adams testified she was suffering was severe neck pain that day and was not making sound decisions. Adams, who has been on the council since 2012, said she remains optimistic and believes God will get her through this incident.