Backup plans in place as graduation ceremonies continue at Texas Motor Speedway

School officials kept a close eye on the weather with another graduation ceremony at Texas Motor Speedway Friday.

Denton High School was the latest to use the large space to hold a socially-distanced celebration.

For many families, the day of an outdoor graduation would be one circled on the calendar fussing over whether mother nature would pan out. But the families and students of 2020 have a different perspective.

Denton High School is the latest in a long string of schools to take TMS up on its offer to use its vast space and resources in order to hold this special day in-person from a safe distance.

Students were checked for temp and symptoms upon arrival while families watched on the giant screen from their cars. The ceremony was streamed from the radio.

“Basically, it's a regular graduation ceremony,” said David Hart with TMS. “It just happens to happen on the front straightaway at Texas Motor Speedway.”

With possible wet weather in the forecast for the upcoming ceremonies scheduled over the next several days, they have plans in place.

“It's one of those things where you hopefully have all the best plans and then don't have to use them,” Hart said.

So far, the ceremonies have gone through without the turbulent Texas weather causing any major issues.

“It's pretty great that we're able to come together,” Denton High School 2020 valedictorian Haley Meyering. “And I'm really glad our district has done this for us because some schools don't even get to have a graduation.”

Because what's there to fuss about a little heat and unstable atmosphere with all that they've gone through to get there.

There were four graduations on Friday. Five more are scheduled over the weekend. They are working hard to give these seniors an opportunity to celebrate.