Autonomous delivery devices could be coming to Dallas

Pedestrians in Dallas may soon have to keep an eye out for robots on the sidewalks.

A Dallas City Council committee will get details Monday about a plan for autonomous delivery devices. The self-operated robot-like vehicles would use technology and sensors to navigate the sidewalks in places like Downtown Dallas.

They operate at a speed of about 10 miles per hour and get around on sidewalks with the help of software which processes a picture of the environment around them.

Marble, the company that makes the autonomous delivery devices, is making the pitch to primarily use them for delivering small items, goods and food. The idea is to cut down on the use of traditional gas-powered vehicles.

The committee will be briefed Monday afternoon. The full council would weigh in later this month. A pilot program could start as early as November if approved.

Cities like San Francisco, Austin and Washington D.C. are already conducting pilot programs.