AT&T Byron Nelson to turn tournament banners, wraps into backpacks

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The AT&T Byron Nelson tournament may be over, but it continues to do good for kids across Texas.

Event organizers took down the signs and banners at the Trinity Forest golf course on Monday to pack them up and ship them off to be “upcycled” into backpacks.  

Golf tournaments typically use about four tons of vinyl and cloth throughout the course for signage and wrapping around grandstands and suites. That material would usually end up in landfills, so the AT&T Byron Nelson decided to do something about it.

“We are continuing to give back by upcycling this skrim into backpacks for students in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio,” said Charlene Lake, AT&T Chief Sustainability Officer.

The material will be able to be turned into about 1,000 backpacks.