Artpark at Trinity Groves opens as colorful new hangout spot in Dallas

Trinity Groves in Dallas is preparing for the grand opening of a new beer garden and all-day hangout location.

Artpark at Trinity Groves officially opened Tuesday off Singleton Boulevard near Gulden Lane.

The backyard-style space has picnic tables to enjoy food from nearby restaurants, a bar and seating for about 1,000 people.

It also includes colorful graffiti art made by local artists, 30 outdoor TVs perfect to watch big games and views of Downtown Dallas and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Local artist Dan Lam said one of her sculptures designed for the Nasher Sculpture Center now resides in the park.

"It is a large-scale version of my smaller works that I normally show in galleries. It took me three months to make," she said. "The paint I used is called a chameleon paint and it shifts with perspective. So, you can walk around it and it will look purple, it will look green. And the lighting also affects it as well so if it’s sunny more color are gonna pop. On a cloudy day you might see more of the cooler colors. And when it rains it’s actually really cool. You get little beads of water on it and it shifts all kinds of colors."

She is honored that her artwork is part of the community that is building in the area.

"The vision for the area is real amazing because I feel like Dallas has a really good art scene. I travel a lot throughout the U.S. for art shows and stuff and people are always like, ‘What’s going on in Dallas?’ And I think because of the way Dallas is so spread out when there are things like this where the community can concentrate, artists can come together and work near each other it just fosters a really good community," Lam said.

The park hopes to add more artwork from local artists in the future.