Army dad on leave surprises daughters at school

A couple of little girls got a huge surprise when their dad came home on leave after a 6-month deployment.

Sarah Bolin shared the moment her girls saw their dad walk into the room at Learning Experience in Lakewood Ranch. 

Army Sgt. 1st Class Grant Bolin left his home in January for an assignment in South Korea.

He was granted two weeks of leave and wanted to see his daughters as soon as he could.

Three-year-old Madison and 5-year-old Audrey were enjoying their day at school when the staff surprised them with a play date at Make Believe Boulevard, where costumed mascots greeted them and posed for pictures. 

That's when Sgt. Bolin, aka dad, appeared in the room. The girls shrieked with excitement as they ran toward him.

"I cried," Sarah Bolin told FOX 13 News. "Everybody cried."