Arlington Lamar student continues recovery from brain injury in football game

An Arlington Lamar H.S. student continues to impress doctors as he recovers from brain injury sustained in a touch football game that left him in the hospital, fighting for his life.

Brett Green is out of the ICU and recovering now at Cook Children’s Hospital, where he undergoes several hours of rehab each day. He’s still batting problems on the left side of his body that have him wearing an eye patch.

Still, his recovery from a serious brain injury continues to be nothing short of astounding.

Green was playing in a 7-on-7 football game with his Arlington Lamar team last month when he collided with a teammate. He was unresponsive and brought to the hospital on a respirator.

"I don't remember anything,” Green said.  “I just remember what people told me."

Green’s parents were told that he might not make it through the night. Instead, he awoke the next day, and has been fighting back ever since. He fully expects to compete in track again. But if his mother, Latasha Jefferson, gets her way -- not football.

“She doesn’t want me to play anymore,” Green said.

Green is also a talented musician. He’s the first chair violin at school and taught himself how to play piano. His left hand is still weak, but he is able to play instruments once again.

It’s been an impressive recovery for a kid who wasn’t supposed to make it through the night.

“The first night they told me he wasn’t going to make it,” Jefferson said. “I said ‘Nah, I know better.’ I know better than that. He’s stronger than that. God has a plan for him.”