Arkansas State Sen. Stephanie Flowers visits with Fort Worth students

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An Arkansas lawmaker who is best known for her passionate remarks about a proposed gun law was in North Texas Friday.

State Senator Stephanie Flowers said she's received feedback from around the world after that clip went viral.

She was a guest at Fort Worth's Clifford Davis Elementary, where fifth graders got a chance to ask her questions.

The video, which was shared and viewed hundreds of thousands of times, was from this March.

Students asked Flowers about how it's affected her, and she responded to all of their questions.

"No matter what type of obstacles are in your path, don't let anybody discourage you because of what you look like or how you communicate or where you come from," Flowers said.

Flowers encouraged students at the school that is named in honor of 94-year-old former Tarrant County Judge L. Clifford Davis.

He invited Flowers, with whom he shares a special connection.

"Her father hired me. One month after I passed the bar. My first job as a lawyer was with her daddy, a lawyer, a civil rights advocate," Davis recalled.

The visit came six months after a viral video showed Flowers locked in a fiery exchange with another Arkansas lawmaker over a proposed gun law known as "stand your ground."

"It offends me, and then to limit the debate too. This is crazy. You don't have to worry about your son Will. I worry about my son and I worry about other little black boys and girls," Flowers said back in March.

While visiting with the students, Flowers could not escape questions about the video.

"It overwhelms you. It overwhelmed me, the response. For the most part, they were all positive," Flowers said Friday.

She said she's gotten calls and emails from as far away as Italy and Norway.

"All over," Flowers said. "And I notice I still get them. It was more messages in March, but I notice with any incident of late, I start getting more emails and messages."

Flowers said that despite all the attention from the video, she feels for children, and wants them to know how much their futures matter.

"I feel for children, particularly today," Flowers said. "It's what's in your heart and what's in your mind. You can be anything you want to be, as long as you work at it."

Flowers pointed out that the bill being discussed in the video did not pass during that session in Arkansas.

As part of her visit, she is the keynote speaker for an event Friday night put on by a group of Tarrant County attorneys.