Ammonia leak discovered at Wylie water treatment plant

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Crews are investigating a chemical leak at a water treatment plant that serves 1.6 million North Texans.

The leak happened something around 4 p.m. Thursday. A worker at the North Texas Municipal Water District Facility in Wylie discovered an ammonia leak.

City officials say the leak hasn't affected the water supply. Multiple hazmat crews from the surrounding area responded to the scene.

An EPA plane will be flying over the area to check on air quality. Police have been going around informing people nearby what's going on. But as of yet, no residents have been evacuated.

City officials say the plant is designed in a way that can contain this type of leak.

Right now, there's no time table on when they'll be able to get the leak contained. They're not sure how big it is.

Officials haven't said how the leak started or exactly where.

No injuries have been reported.