American Airlines says goodbye to MD-80s

American Airlines retired its last 26 remaining McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft on Wednesday.

The jets, also known as Super 80s, have carried millions of American employees and customers across the country over the past 36 years, the airline said.

American’s MD 80 fleet was celebrated with a party Wednesday morning at DFW International Airport. Flight attendants, pilots and customers wrote farewell letters to the aircraft.

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"Standing here today I can appreciate after being on the airplane for 27 years," said Capt. Greg Kunasek. "The other captain who will be sitting in the left seat, between the two of us we have about 38,000 miles of flying this airplane -- so hopefully we got it down by now."

“You can tell by all the people here how important this airplane is and we’re all very sad to see it go. But you know, things have to change. So we’re rolling with the punches and we’ve resigned to the fact that it is leaving the fleet. But still to celebrate the retirement like this is so exciting and I’m really happy to be a part of it,” said Patti Strait, a flight attendant.

The MD-80s will head to Roswell, New Mexico for retirement at an airfield there, referred to as a boneyard.